Learn more about the region with up-to-date health and demographic data

Welcome to the Foundation’s Data Center

The interactive Health and Demographic dashboards below contain over 140 metrics at the community, county, and regional levels. The data can be used to identify and monitor community needs, provide evidence for grant writing, and familiarize new staff or volunteers with the region. The Foundation continually updates data as it becomes available and adapts functionality in response to user feedback. Citations and links to the original data sources are provided for users who wish to do further research.

Navigate using the blue and gold boxes at the top of each dashboard; instructions for use are included in each. Download a view by using the buttons in the lower right hand corners. You can also access the Health Dashboard tutorial in PDF format.

Please share your feedback and direct your questions to Kate Baker at kbaker@mwhealth.org.

Health data is not able to be disaggregated by demographic at this time due to how data are published from the original sources. The Foundation understands the demand for this information and will make it available when possible.