We want to create positive and lasting change, yet we recognize that many issues that challenge our community today have challenged our community for decades.

Addressing the Root Cause

Often multiple programmatic approaches have helped or solved one aspect of an issue, but in many cases the power structure remains the same and the root causes are not addressed. When we look at real change, it has happened because those most affected by the challenge are not just at the table but leading the change effort.

Working Together

The Community Innovation Initiative is as an opportunity to tackle big community challenges that cannot be fully addressed without all of us working together with true community leadership. We believe this collaborative model has the long-term potential to significantly improve the overall health of the community. The work will be carried out in two main ways:

  1. Building multi-sector coalitions to foster shared identification and ownership of community challenges.
  2. Providing grants and technical assistance to support a process of community engagement that leads to shared plans and action to address persistent community needs.

Have an innovative idea to improve the health of your MetroWest community?

Contact Phillip Gonzalez at pgonzalez@mwhealth.org or call (508) 879-7625 to discuss your idea.