With over $100 million in assets, the MetroWest Health Foundation is one of the largest foundations addressing health issues in Massachusetts.

Invested in Our Community

Since our founding in 1999, the Foundation has invested over $75 million in improving the health of the MetroWest area.

We take our stewardship of these assets seriously and are committed to earning and maintaining the community’s trust. The Foundation finances are overseen by the Audit Committee. The Committee engages AAFCPA to perform an independent annual audit of the Foundation’s finances.

A summary of the audited Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities can be found in our Annual Report to the Community.

How Investments are Managed

Our investments are overseen by the Investment Committee. The Committee has engaged Prime Buchholz & Associates to advise the committee on asset allocation, manager selection and to monitor and benchmark our investment returns.

Additional information about the Foundation’s assets, investments and expenses can be found in the Foundation’s 990PF filed annually with the Internal Revenue Service and the Public Charities Division of the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General.