The foundation is committed to working with the community to improve the health of all who live and work in the region. Yet we know that opportunities for good health do not extend to all in the region equitably.

Addressing Health Inequities

The work of creating opportunities for discussion and learning about the root causes of health inequities, as well as increasing the diversity and equity capacity of the health care and social service workforce is carried out in three main ways:

  1. Deepening health equity and inclusion work within MetroWest organizations by supporting the work of the Racial and Ethnic Disparities Workgroup, as well as identifying greater opportunity for diverse community stakeholder participation and engagement in the work of the foundation.
  2. Increasing capacity of the health care and social service workforce to approach their work through an equity lens, as well as to promote a culture of equity within their organizations.
  3. Increasing the diversity of the pipeline of future leaders in health care and social service sectors by promoting policies within organizations that help to retain and promote a diverse workforce, as well as initiating strategies to bring more diversity to the workforce.

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