The foundation views itself as a partner in a regional system that includes health care systems, social service agencies, and community stakeholders.

Goals & Priorities

A priority of the foundation is to limit duplicated efforts and prevent siloed learning by sharing information across health sectors and geographic boundaries. We are committed to researching best practices; reflecting on past investments; disseminating lessons learned; and encouraging innovative partnerships, with the ultimate goal of addressing health needs in our region. This will be accomplished through:

  1. Monitoring regional, state, and national policy conversations to understand implications for MetroWest communities. Developments and trends are shared with community partners to inform their work.
  2. Providing leadership and directing resources towards data collection efforts, such as the Community Health Assessment and the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey, to understand the needs of the community through the community’s voices.
  3. Convening community leaders to encourage cross-sector partnerships and to address issues by identifying organizational strengths and incentivizing collaborative opportunities.
  4. Serving as a hub for regional health and demographic data.

Interested in Collaborating with Us?

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