MetroWest COVID-19 Data Dashboard

April 14, 2022

The Foundation has published weekly documents that summarize daily and weekly reports from the Massachusetts Department of Health (find the latest version here-data reported 5/12/22). As their data continues to be updated, we will use their reports to share information specific to MetroWest. Download a copy of Demystifying Public Health Terms and Metrics for a quick reference guide to interpreting the data.

To provide context and identify trends affecting our 25 communities, the Foundation has developed a COVID-19 dashboard capturing many of these metrics over time (see below). Users can toggle between tabs and compare communities of interest.

Please note: due to a staff member going on family leave in late April 2022, the dashboard below will not be updated for late spring through early summer. For questions during this time, please contact Rebecca Gallo at Weekly updates will continue to be shared via PDF in the file linked above.

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