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Policy Brief: When Care Isn't There

January 28, 2020

MetroWest is in a healthcare crisis. The region isn't often thought of as lacking resources. And yet, when it comes to the health and human service workforce, this is the reality; On a per capita basis, there are fewer mental health providers in two of the three MetroWest counties, and fewer primary care providers in one MetroWest county when compared to the state. We are not alone - the United States will experience a shortage of up to 122,000 physicians within the next fifteen years, and the need for home health aides and personal care attendants will grow more than 35% in the next decade. - In Massachusetts, the urgency is compounded by expectations that the state will face a shortage of workers across most industries by 2025.

Learn more about the crisis and potential responses in the Workforce Policy Brief.

Providers struggle daily to recruit a workforce capable of meeting the increasingly complex needs of clients. "Health through Human Services" report, Massachusetts Provider's Council
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