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Policy Watch: MassHealth Redetermination Process Underway

June 13, 2023

Since the end of federal continuous health coverage protections on April 1, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services and community-based organizations have been assisting MassHealth members in redetermining their eligibility for coverage. Through media campaigns, door knocking, phone calls, and direct mail, MassHealth members are being made aware of resources for proactively updating their information as well as what to do if they are found to be ineligible for MassHealth. People who meet certain criteria, like having low income or receiving other government assistance, are automatically re-enrolled to limit administrative burden.

Initial data from these efforts show a net increase in verified MassHealth members; despite some losing coverage, there were thousands more across the state who became newly eligible for MassHealth, which officials report is standard

The auto-renewal rate for current MassHealth recipients is lower than expected so far, which results in more work for outreach and call center workers who must assist members in the redetermination process. And, only about one in four people who lost MassHealth and are eligible for coverage through the Health Connector have followed through with enrollment.

Data over the next several months will show the true impact of the end of federal protections and the community outreach efforts designed to reach those affected.

The foundation hosted a webinar in February about the redetermination process with Health Care for All. A recording of that webinar can be seen here. A MassHealth redetermination outreach kit is available on the state's website.

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