Opioid Incidents and Overdoses in MetroWest

Data published by Massachusetts Department of Public Health in June 2020

June 12, 2020

Data on opioid-related overdose deaths and EMS incidents from the Massachusetts Department of Health is now available through 2019 for individual cities and towns. Fewer opioid-related overdose deaths occurred in MetroWest communities in 2019 after a spike in 2018 (87 in 2018; 68 in 2019), and opioid-related deaths of MetroWest residents decreased nearly 30% (100 in 2018; 71 in 2019). Meanwhile, state totals have remained roughly the same in recent years.

While the total number of opioid-related EMS incidents in MetroWest has remained roughly the same and continues to mirror statewide trends, select communities experienced notable increases and decreases over the past few years.

Summaries of opioid-related overdose deaths and EMS incidents for MetroWest communities are now available.

For previously published data, please see our post from March 2020.

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